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Far away

I’ve come far away from you,

Where your volcanos have no conflagration,

All they will do is make me numb.

As touching, would burn me inside out,

Seeing would take my serenity away.

Showing affection would be uneasy,

As these burn holes are my healings.

Your tears are flamed and unbearable,

With every shedding, I unleash my pleasure.

Unidentified by the demons I’ve faced in past,

I thought you and I would last an eternity.

But things don’t last this much, it’s a mythical world.

Unrealistic realm and their fallacies,

You are my impression of belief.

An unusual verse in my intellect,

You and I are conduits that never met.

Far away, still inseparable,

Meant together, still misplaced.

-Riya Shah

By Ray


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