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Girl in the mirror

In my longest hugs, in my softest words,

You can see I care, you can see I’ll be there.

It’s alright if you’ve gone through rough,

It’s okay if you are still not in your peaceful world.

I have misery in my life too,

I have been working with them and then I grew.

I shut my doors of the heavenly world,

I never had connections that were profound enough.

I was broken, shattered and miserable,

At times I haven’t been precise enough,

With words now I play every day, jumbling around.

I recall every moment I wasn’t kind for her,

The girl I promised, I’ll cross oceans for.

And would burn my fire of love,

At times I have been so much ungrateful,

For the essence that gave rise to me,

The girl who was in the mirror every dawn,

Cursing her body, every scrapes and scratch,

Those portions that were beautifully done,

So it’s okay to sense the way I use to feel,

Everything will be otherworldly I guess,

If I say your body is perfectly designed,

If I say brotherhood is kind.

It would be as mythical and novel,

I’m sure you’ll find the courage to face the blessing,

As they are elegantly done.

All your flaws and your scars,

And those shining stars on your nose,

It took time to make you unusual,

You had his presence, more than others.

-Riya Shah

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