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Paint me

If I would be a canvas, all white

Which colour would you paint me with?

Will it be red, like the love which you carried within?

Or the black evenings when you held my hands tight?

Were you afraid to lose me,

insulating me from the world.

Or the colour of the atmosphere

which wasn’t bleak but beautiful.

Will you change me to blushing pink,

Like my cheeks when you first saw me.

With all the affection and compassion,

I wish this tenderness will remain the same.

Do you know I want to be of all the colours,

I want to be yellow, like sunflowers in your lawn

And brown like your eyes, that shows all your wounds.

Black and white, like movies in the ’80s,

I want to be the colour of your secret keys.

If you choose to paint me, paint me with your fascination.

I would be the most glorious canvas,for sure.

-Riya Shah

By Ray


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