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Bad guy

It took me two years to realise how I tried my best to make me the bad guy because it was super cool. For this generation, I feel being the bad guy is much better and exciting than being themselves. Showing dominance, ungrateful about everything and everyone isn’t amusing but unusual. By unusual I mean something that doesn’t have much to do with coolness but strangeness. For me, I was the bad guy in my teens. All dominant, and unhappy with everything.

Do you know how it feels when you show everybody how hard life’s been to you?

It is a feeling that a 14year old have never felt. The world revolved around her and her school friends. So why was she so thankless and sad, the accurate answer to it, I never had. It was all nasty when I was around those 5people whom I called my friends. We were the bad guys. No, I mean four of them were actually the bad guys. I just liked how people treated me being with them. They sucked! Sorry, I can’t be more polite and sweet but I sucked too at that time. Later, when they were gone from my life I was much polite and happening. Like the flower and those plants in my yard. Blossoming up against all the bad things, that it made me beautiful.

I changed. The time they left me I became that girl who was all about joy and gratefulness. I was all about me. Flawed and loving those as they made me different from the world. I learnt quite advantageous things from their parting away-

1-You are the exciting, human you are looking for.

2- Bad guy isn’t somebody who is insensible or unconcerned, but somebody who doesn’t care about others.

3If your flaws aren’t your favourite things, you are basic.

4Not everybody in your life deserve being there. If they wanna leave, let them go. Their departure can be fruitful to you.

-Riya Shah

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