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Misogyny twilight

When I glimpse at the moon,

I feel the pleasure of twilight.

The way it gleams and shines,

Like when I gleam noticing his smile.

Am I supposed to believe a sentiment,

A darker way to pretend,

That I’ve been over something,

Though I wasn’t certain.

Those stars were staring me,

I think I was toxicity in the peace,

Having all the dignity and refinement,

They were seeing something unsatisfactory.

I realize I was trouble, away from precise,

I knew I will be unheard,

even when my utterances were wise.

Sobbingly I walked through the bridge,

Which I built through my falls over,

I saw my shadow in the blue,

That’s where the queen within took over.

Glancing at my gloom, flaunting my grace,

I evaded drawback and damages I had faced.

-Riya Shah

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