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Infringing the deity

They touched the goddess with their dirty hands,

They burned her with the same flame.

I saw that gave in front of her sculpture,

I fear, I panic and moaned in shame.

Demons feed their starvation of her essence,

I plead as to abandon the world,

having the body of the deity still getting harm.

Worshipping a Durga, slaughtering one,

Does that make you any bigger human?

Abusing, raping, tearing her apart,

Do you realize half-moon in her head,

Isn’t just an emblem for her beauty

But bravery in her heart.

Those lips you said were roses,

Now is in her hands along with Trishula.

Go worship her like a preacher in the temple,

She glances what you did back there.

Her eyes carry the burden and anger,

How will you survive her temper?

Many forms she played in your vitality,

She got discomfort, pain and distress,

When she foresaw ecstasy.

Shaktism is worshipping the female force,

You assassinating deity is your suffering,

She wasn’t born to see all your evil chores.

Those flowers around her neck,

Presently is in front of her silhouette.

You’ve not been kind to her,

I hope she serves the equivalent,

You harassed her, now shell offer you the same.

Riya Shah

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