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Blessing occurs

To the one walking around,

Hustling like a clown,

Are you desiring blessings too?

Your fantasies are on fire,

Dressed in colourful attire,

But the audience won’t care for you.

Chuckle hid in misery and sorrow,

Taken off the money you borrowed.

Smiling in the stage of conflicts,

Feeling nothingness in a group of hundreds.

Shattered dreams, still assume,

Blessing occurs to the one who believes.

In a way, you never dreamt of,

When you will be quicking,

sauntering and laughing, for them.

He will hear your prayers and chantings,

Will bless you, as you are a blessing,

Godsend miracle wonderfully brought in.

Your giggles make million breathing,

With all the scramble, they get drained.

Just hustle a bit more, to be yourself.

To the clown, you are, to the clown I am,

Let’s juggle around the world,

leaving worries behind our laughs.

You’ll receive what you desire,

when you are prepared for it.

God bless only when it’s your time, your moment.

-Riya Shah

By Ray


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