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Yearning reward

Is there any reward for the hustle?

Or we just came here to withstand,

Unhappy, disappointed with ourselves.

I know I may sound exasperating too,

But the dreams that I want to pursue,

Makes me awake in the daylights

A numb in twilight too.

I drive crazy to chase quirks I deserve,

By not getting them I’m done with the world.

Are shattering fantasies make you dread too,

Or am I the one getting all impatient and dreadful.

Where is the gratification I wanted from my pursuits,

I desire they’ll be fulfilled one sunrise.

When the sun will glow like a thousand glints,

Brighter than my fantasies and fiction I’ve created within me.

Jotted down novels having tales of my feats.

-Riya Shah

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