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Trooper butterfly

Have you discerned those radiant eyes,

Filled with courage like a warrior.

A hero who’s never been kind to the world,

Nor with the monsters around her.

You touch her and you’ll burn,

All your ashes won’t survive too.

She is an elegant butterfly

whose wings were scraped.

She is a place retaining a great view

None can possess her,

she is preserved by few.

Hold her, she will be trotting away,

In the trees, with the leaves,

She will be the grove trooper ,

In the murky nights and sunny days.

She believes that her wings will be flawless,

That day shall be her triumph,

She’ll recall all the bad deeds occurred,

Reveal them the demon.

The nightmare they feared,

Will be served generously

With all the love and audacity.

-Riya Shah

By Ray


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