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Me over you

I wish your eyes are satisfied,

Seeing me miserable after us.

Us which was 4years long,

Every path I took met you, companion,

In a fairy world without pleasure and satisfaction.

Where my Alice isn’t lost in a wonderland,

wandering around her dismay,

So eagerly waiting for enacting,

See she is now calming herself.

When he kissed me, I felt void,

You kept me inadequate for love.

I miss glaring at you while sipping coffee,

But the way you wailed at me,

Thinking I was similar to all she’s.

She’s you dated and kept devastating,

Ain’t your puppet who’ll bear the burden of it.

So lately I have been adoring myself,

Like the barbie, I kept beside my pillow.

Pampering her with devotion,

keeping her away from sorrows.

It’s been anyway me above you,

Like the moon above your clouds.

Leading the aisle, making my way,

As I am the heroine of my validity.

-Riya Shah

By Ray


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