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Nonentity demise

Me an empty-handed human,

Nonentity to lose, nonentity gained.

When you showed up to me,

with your tenderness of petals,

And shed upon you like you’re mine to be adored.

As no love, I found in the trees I sit beneath,

Their leaves too rain down in me.

With no compassion, no affection,

Just because I’m unwinding under.

We come and go with triviality too,

There is no prosperity in our pouch.

After decades of intense hustles

For possessing something in this realm,

There is nonentity we can take away,

Before our souls can fly.

Demise appears in front,

As it’s the utmost reality,

But till the time we disappear,

Let’s not keep it in, let’s not fear.

-Riya Shah

By Ray


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