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Sorrow prohibited

Let’s talk today about things that we’re afraid to. As it’s questionable to exits with insecurities within. I suffered a lot through things that frightened me, made me unhappy and dreadful. What about you?

Am I the only one who made so many wrong choices in life, thought that everything with relates my life is worthy enough to be understood. Cried, yelled, tripped all my teenage and then I met someone who was humble and honest about being who he was. I thought he was the knight in the shining armour I read on tales which my mom used to buy me. I gave all my loyalty and devotion I could give thinking he was the saviour back then. I forgot he was a human, he can be wrong, he can do wrong and there is nothing wrong about he being wrong.

And one fine day he screamed at me with so much of outrage that I felt I lost that self-respect which wasn’t even their at the first place. Liking my bird’s shattered cage and went away from me. Yeah me, the worst thing which occurred to them in their whole happening life.

So much guilty to carry within. Right? I felt it too after someday. The days in which I loved myself a bit more than usual. I tried to be indifferent, made Jokes which would protect my heart. But when you are broken inside nothing outside could conceal it. Not even the concealers we buy from the drug stores. So why can’t we just show everybody our scrapes, blotches and swellings?

Yes, we are broken down, cheated, destroyed. So what? Everybody is. We are humans, humans aren’t different. We are identical and the humans who try to be different are loners. They are also trying to cope up because in life we have to make our space and when somebody can’t make it by doing similar like others, they say we are distinct. Repelling those statements of “you can’t even be that ”. Trust me the biggest taboo I’ve ever heard is being unhappy “somebody trying to act normal because being sad isn’t accepted.

Is concealment actually the key for moving on?

I won’t tell you that. It’s your call to understand what am I talking about.

“ A hurt human is normal, a smile hiding it is not.”

-Riya Shah

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