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Abandoning Energy

I’m that energy you’ll love but won’t get!

In the dawn air at your dwellings window,

Or the songs you’ll listen to in sorrow,

Recalling all the lyrics written,

At your screen, descanting it loud.

I’ll be right inside your abdomen,

Dancing through, while you recite it.

Regardless, how hurt you are,

I’ll not be hindered to remain there.

But I’ll persist as to ravage you,

Gradually and heartily.

As you mistreated me in the first place,

Right there in my abdomen,

Right there in my heart.

You overlooked that I’ll be there,

to live in your spirit and your pleasure.

Diminishing me is arduous I wager,

As I’m made of affection you to have felt someday,

In the sun, the moon and the ocean,

You can abandon me but not my energy of love.

-Riya Shah

By Ray


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