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Accountable to me

Am I responsible for your oversights,

When it’s yours to be taken care of.

Fighting for an unworthy souvenir,

you’ve actually massacred me.

I have been in fondness for four years,

But the coatings you’ve been carrying,

Is necessary and unavoidable to me.

Keeping your ingenuity alive,

I gave up my fantasies I use to visualize.

Feet touching the sky, am I visible to you?

Immodest glares at me, should I wave at you?

I did all the quirks so you can be up there,

Standing in paradise!

Urges that were built in the castle of my beauties,

I overlooked myself, it was my downfall,

I was in love with you, I erected a wall.

Where I use to write your name, chanting it repeatedly,

I’m accountable to myself for my damages.

-Riya Shah

By Ray


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