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Your fantasies

Dreams that you kept in your soul,

I was willing to sacrifice my life for.

As when I realized how your life was

I made it mine to withstand it.

Eyes neared with your fondness,

I was so blind to even give up on you.

What you did to me is deteriorating,

What I’ve become is my shortcoming.

They told me not to be so fond of ogre,

You were mine to be admonished.

I gave my all to be what you deserve,

Look I rewrote every line of my musing.

No burst outs to be death with,

Just for the human I could melt with.

You took away you from my identity,

Now it’s just a veneer with nothing.

I could cry but it won’t make sense,

As it was me who gave you my heart

Demolishing it was your choice to be taken,

I’m left with a vase with no blossom.

-Riya Shah

By Ray


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