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Empress chores

Crown above her head, she’s holding all the chores,

Her existence is being questioned even by God.

I feel her arrogance is actually love,

She keeps up for her kingdom.

Sitting still watching all the elements,

She is focused on their welfare.

Undoubtedly, she is there for them,

Even when she suffers through a nightmare.

From a little stone thrown, she made her castle,

There is no swindle, she is made up of jewels.

Her eyes are glistening diamonds

Even when she cries making pearls out of it.

In agony in her heart, forgetting all her suffering,

Standing still like a sovereign she is,

No eternity required to prevail a bliss.

Many years have passed sitting in her castle,

A woman solitary has rewritten,

the history of different eras.

-Riya Shah

By Ray


4 replies on “Empress chores”

Here’s a wonderful video/musical, which I thought might be appropriate for your last two magical poems. .. by ‘Lake of Tears’, and a glorious animated version of their classic song “The Path of the Gods”

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