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Pain in love

I wish I could abhor her,

But she is so much better, then me.

Why did you let her, take you away from me?

Do you watch sunsets with her or you,

Wait till it goes away, as I did,

When I realized in your life I was a misfit.

She is so beautiful I can’t discern her,

I feel I’ll die if I’ll see her in your eyes,

I’m crazy but it’s profound.

So take her away, in your white horse,

Buy her a gown that looks exactly like mine.

I am crazy in devotion, but I’m fine.

I sorry but I’m all done, this never happens with me.

Every night, every time you are missing,

In my bed, near my hands, holding me.

And I wish I could fade away or die,

in the next beginning, I will fly,

In the sky, besides my only life.

-Riya Shah

By Ray


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