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Casualty is for real

You are mine, till it’s moon showing light,

I’ll be there for you in the dark,

Make a list of things you forget.

Please make a wish as you do,

I’ll be passing in the twilight,

I will fall for you, like a shooting star.

In the night I’ll be the zombie you are afraid of,

Will you clasp me then in your arms?

On the demise, I’m sleeping high,

I wanna be with a little more,

Just to see the white gown,

you wore on our wedding night.

I wanna discern you be my wife.

Lying on the death bed.

A life to spend, a life to embrace,

With all your friends and family.

So cherish your all-new beginning,

They would be unusual, I hope you relish them,

You have withstood without me.

I’ll be there in your dreams,

When you fall asleep.

In your crazy dirty little fantasies,

I’ll keep them alive with you.

I’m passing but don’t be disastrous,

People have to go.

-Riya Shah

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