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He is that kinda sin I’ve committed,

Even without blinking my eyes,

I’ve been seeing him.

So demonic that my heart stops,

I feel I’m a patron but my love sins.

He looked at me and I got frozen,

He touched me and I was on a vacation.

Not apologizing as I’ve been so much chanting,

He comes closer and sees I’m panting.

Showers of blessings as my folks do like him,

In the meantime, I’m always laughing.

He senses what I can’t tell my angels,

He vanishes whenever I commit depravity.

His gentle strokes drive me crazy,

His eyes are bluer and admired by me.

Why do cops wanna see him in prison?

My heart is the only slammer he should be in.

I know I’m a benefactor,

but I’ll devote myself blindly to this sin.

As criminal got me violating my tenets,

Made me a nightmare to the people.

I’ll still be his, I’ll be there,

As he is that kinda sin I’ve committed,

Without even blinking my eyes.

-Riya Shah

By Ray


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