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These curtains let me hide,

From the world untruthful and violent.

Lashing out like a beast in the enclosure.

Craving a handful of my flesh,

As its blood was there to be savoured.

Is the sky red or am I sightless,

to glimpse my intense scrapes.

Blossoms having throne are usual,

Serving lacerations by the human is not.

Am I conventionally getting misjudged,

Or is there anything disturbing about my love?

In the shower of agony, I’ve rinsed myself,

Their hands reaching out couldn’t save me.

As I’m too much of a woman,

With no hourglass body, but facets.

Making me to much for them to deal with,

In the sake of love, they feed their hunger with.

Grabbing me with their imperceptible blood coated hands,

putting me in their bed of depravities,

I wish I could stay unaccompanied.

-Riya Shah

By Ray


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