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Flower bee

I still remember the time I first saw her,

Her eyes on my picture, I know she was trying to defy me,

When she came closer, my heartbeat skipped a beat.

And then I know why I find her attractive,

Cause she been something that was all intriguing and sweet.

She tries to reckon all our memories,

My favourite facet way she was so close to me.

I have been something and I don’t know-how to be me.

I feel so desirable, watching her

It makes my soul leave my own body.

She an angel, she is so adorable to see.

My first fascination, my infatuation.

she occurred just to mine to be with.

I’m going gaga, I can’t define how love feels like,

but is more than roses, with throne and bushes all over to it.

Bees coming closer, demanding some nectar from it.

It’s mixed with emotions, caring and battles,

But I’ll remain in love all my vitality.

-Riya Shah

By Ray


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