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When you look in the mirror,

You see a woman having utmost beauty,

Patrons can’t deny her elegancy.

Her red lips chanting all promising words,

All the other woman in the room,

Gazing her like a goddess of beauty.

Redoing her individuality,

She got her charm into her head.

I saw her and I was intrigued by her temperament.

The way she was so arrogant,

because of a layer on her tainted soul,

She wasn’t delightful,

looks like a horrendous whole.

Her obsession was an impediment,

To wander the world and see the magnificence,

She was extensively into herself.

I feel sympathy for her thunder within,

As charm in your countenance doesn’t exemplify,

the complexion of your spirit.

I feel obsession is remarkable,

one essentially mandates self-love,

What needs to be comprehended is,

Life is meaningless without appreciating others.

-Riya Shah

By Ray


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