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Uneasy existence

When you touch a Mimosa Pudica,

it instantly contracts its leaves.

When your life gives you uncertainty,

You react to it like an untouchable thing.

I find it crazy how human being exists,

Trying to repel all the misery,

And saying the law of attraction works like this.

Is it how you will be all your existence?

Why do you complain about depravity?

Life isn’t vicious to you, it’s barely reality.

When God throws a ball at you,

You buckle it without even thinking.

That’s how you handle dilemmas,

Not by resisting but battling.

Never they said life means happiness and joy,

It isn’t satisfaction, isn’t something void.

There no pleasure without sobbing,

No admiration without hatred.

It’s an uneasy existence, that how he made it.

-Riya Shah

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