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Degrading yourself

He collected my teardrop in a jar,

with the fireflies sparkling lights.

I asked him why did he do that?

Won’t my tears ruin his efforts?

Not when the tears are magical, he retorted.

Holding my hands, glancing at my eyes,

They are fearful and wise, he gleamed.

He then muttered questioning,

Why are you so afraid of yourself?

Why is it so hard for you to reveal?

Your hands are so raw that I sense a warrior,

These tears I collected,an array of soldiers.

Do you know my fireflies would glint,

In your tendency, as you are aspiring.

Why do assume you are worthless,

When your smile is the only thing missing.

From the world of witchcraft,

In your hairs, you have a magical sword.

Slay your fears and devaluation of yourself with it, my love.

And all your be a powerful force,

you’ll eventually be ruling over these fireflies.

-Riya Shah

By Ray


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