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Emperor drowning

He is drowning in the province burden,

I see him getting hurdles every time.

But he seems okay, even when he’s going through a nightmare.

Those tears are for factual,

Of suffering, undergoing through a ton.

But he seems alright, as his work exists with him.

Cause kings don’t whine, even when he feels nasty,

In this world where he exits just to control.

He utter what he perceives is right.

Emperors don’t cry.

Even when he is drowning in deep ocean,

he desires to be an art of power.

Sometimes it’s hard for him to be the supremacy,

But that the only thing he could haggle easy.

His family doesn’t appear to prevail in the slums,

There are having amenity in his existence.

Emperor doesn’t seem to have the vigour,

But he is withstanding what is his province survival.

emperors don’t cry.

-Riya Shah

By Ray


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