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Our story

There is nobody who could recite,

What I felt for my love.

In the midnight, he preferred me over his work.

2 o’clock and we are still babbling.

There is no concern we could chatter,

He implored me to show up nigher to him.

Now it’s not just an attachment to me.

I feel so fascinated when he comes closer,

Is he like an angel in my little fiction?

Gratified with sentiments and emotions.

I’m so smitten with his affection.

But then he asked me what’s our story,

I confessed to him, there no one,

Who could tell us, as it’s a magical mystery.

It’s like a rain forest and museums having a history.

Rare and unexpected, beautifully narrated.

But no one could eavesdrop,

As it’s just you and me who could feel it.

-Riya Shah

By Ray


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