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People speak

It’s a world full of chaos,

you are trying to uncover,

All the unrealistic, all the dilemma.

Some humans confide things untrue,

You are stuck with them, they are stuck with you.

When you listen to something,

You feel insecure about yourself.

When you scarcely have it,

When you aren’t the imperfect epitome.

People speak cause they are dealing,

With issues that retain sufferings.

They let out because of agony,

Filled with their teardrops.

When you let them damage you,

You become doubtful and unsure,

Of the worth you possess.

Never let someone be the reason for insecurities,

They say what they go through.

So why to burn yourself in their flame?

Leaving your existence game?

They call you obese because they are dealing with deficiencies,

They aren’t here someone who could judge your body.

Expressing something won’t give windfalls,

Your mouth will get contaminated,

In the meantime for sure.

Try to prevent yourself from their shame,

It isn’t their faults, it’s just their game.

-Riya Shah

By Ray


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