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Pure love

The first thing that came to my mind was why is she being so mean to me. I am not someone who try to hold grudges against someone. So even when I have I fight, I try to unravel it. Life is very short, and there are many people to explore. So for me when I don’t like somebody or when somebody has different interest I cut myself off. I can’t be at a place which isn’t mine to stand-in. As soon as I entered our room, she glanced at me from down to up, as she expected me to be someone I am not.

I thought of asking her about her mother who had severe leg pain and was admitted in the hospital. But she wasn’t in a mood to answer. So I thought she might be in a bad crisis and I shouldn’t bother her. So I looked at the mess she created and started cleaning it up. Without any retort of my question, she went to another room. I was below the bed cleaning up the dust. Suddenly I felt a hand on my right leg. My whole body shivered and all I remember was I kicked somebody so hard that day. As hastily that human took their hands off I stood up and saw her.

I was stunned and terrified. I couldn’t utter for a moment. Then when I saw her eyes there was so much of loneliness filled inside that I asked: “Why did you touch me? ”. I wanted you to be with me all the time, she answered back. She continued by saying: you are the only human I can count on. I don’t know whenever you come near there is a sensation which I couldn’t get over. You are a beautiful soul. Please never leave me.

I wasn’t amused, I was happy. I felt loved in every statement, she said. Giggling and blushingly I asked her- “can you sit with me for a second?”. She sat on my bed and said: “So do you feel the same for me?”. I wasn’t angry for the words as it showed the innocence of a creature.

Yes, I do, I retorted but not, in the same way, my love. I love you like snow, you are the milky white I mesmerized all my life. When I imagined what kind of friend I would ask from God. So unusual yet so ordinary amongst all. I will never abandon you as you are that flower I always wanted in my garden full of grass. The only flower I watered, so it can’t wither. And believe me when I say this “I’m a lucky human as you loved me”. I can’t be in love with you the way you do because I ain’t special, I’m basic.

Your love is that gift from Almighty that I would cherish for all my existence. Not like something ordinary because you ain’t ordinary, you are a goddess. You don’t love gender you just love.

After hugging me tightly she left.

-Riya Shah

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