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Someone’s forever

Nothing is withstanding till eternity,

Togetherness couldn’t be lived in a penitentiary.

Where there are commitments made,

The birds will escape from vitality.

Rain will pour like teardrops in your face,

As you cried when your love was on stake.

Forever becomes a misconception,

The time you try to force it,

it comes to be an impediment.

So when he asked me to be his forever,

I whispered!

I can be your summer,

When it’s a luminous sun.

And with the downfall, I will your rainbow.

With all the colour I will surely flaunt,

My shades in the sky like an angel.

When the snow pour, I’ll become a snowman,

But eventually, I will disappear.

People do believe in everlastingness,

It’s an ambush!

you can give up and go, whenever you know,

As infinity is a myth and doesn’t exist,

Someone’s forever is bliss, I can’t be it.

-Riya Shah

By Ray


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