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Being best

Be the best thing you could be

Put opinions about the things, you would be.

When everybody is trying to be,

The fortunate individual from mind,

From the heart, you express all the happenings.

You are the best edition of you,

The papers won’t be blank but magical.

With every page, almighty will reveal,

That his lovable birds aren’t caged,

They are free spirits, showing elegancy.

Sharing your essence won’t take their love,

If it’s genuine it will blossom for your world.

If you are bad be the best in being it,

As there is no one greater than him.

Who could give without receiving,

And won’t withstand glitch about it.

You being a mystery won’t unravel anything,

It will enmesh your existence,

With no reasoning!

-Riya Shah

By Ray


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