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Finding him

Searching for him in the ground

In the world of mistrust crowd.

No one opens the door for our prosperity,

Just someone soul hurting desperately.

In the awareness of infatuation,

Inner voice affecting and misguiding humans.

Where are you in this place?

In the throng, you’ve lost inside out.

In the peace, you were involved

so why did you cut off from that tree,

Where there is suffering, no peace.

Sitting beneath to get its shadow,

nonexistent sentiment carried out,

I probe for him in the sea of doubt.

Deeper than my misery and suffering,

and in the woods, they chopped off,

In midnight when there is nobody around.

In the holes, I dug until I lost my stability,

Still, I couldn’t find you even in my fantasies.

-Riya Shah

By Ray


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