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Battles within

I know you are battling from the world,

like a true warrior that you are.

But what about the wars inside you?

Are you fighting them like a combatant too?

Trying to slay your dilemmas in one go,

You are a real soldier let the populace know.

Warfare battles inside your heart,

Silent disasters you are trapped in.

I can see your uncertainty in the external struggles too.

Committed troopers don’t show their internal bruises,

Clasping sword in their hand,

inclined to quarrels with the sinful warriors.

Can you for once feud against yourself too?

Against all the worries you’ve been whining for?

As it seems too much distress for you,

Those fearless eyes want consensus.

For once can you win battles inside, for nobody but you?

-Riya Shah

By Ray


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