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Manage to shine

It’s easy for you to say,

But I’m not very good at many things.

I can’t paint my face as a canvas,

filled with colourful sentiments.

As for me, my countenance has various shades already.

As the sun is so bright filled with yellow and white.

I’m sanely insane when it comes to fights.

I hear songs with meaningful lyrics,

I trip with every beat driving through my ears.

I’m a stage bird having no inkling towards performing,

I like to roleplay a different human,

Every night and day.

Screaming at the bizarre aspects of life,

opinionated unreasonable at many times.

I paint the sun pink to reflect inner peace,

The sun doesn’t gleam,

it’s all about the colour of clarity.

I’m flustered getting impassive sometimes,

I ain’t good at many things, still manage to shine.

-Riya Shah

By Ray


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