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Be exemplary

You keep up with being you

If they clench you tightly controlled,

You drift higher than any bird flying.

Your potential if questioned,

Flaunt your bravery don’t show.

Wearing the ray of the sun,

And flames in your soul.

As the soul is you, the body is gifted.

The outer body can be demolished,

Your divine soul couldn’t.

Let the sent of your pleasure left

On the things, you touched.

Think back to the time they’ve targeted you,

You admonished them for being themselves,

The sinners who have never been kind to the world.

Let them do the damage, you do modest,

Let no one demise of thirst,

don’t you dampen them,

being a rescue to the demonic world.

You keep up with being you,

If they do vice, you do equitable.

-Riya Shah

By Ray


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