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Damsel in distress

Not a damsel in distress

Ain’t somebody who’s survived to impress.

I see some girls confectionery,

I hope when I mumble this,

There is no scramble!

Those sugar cubes will melt someday,

They’ll show you their soul one day.

After attempting to assassinate you,

They’ll be delightful undue.

You won’t be able to escape,

Shadow of the ogre will wither you.

Made of mysticism, they’ll vacate your heart,

loiter for them to come you’ll evacuate to.

So I try to be the mystery solvable,

Sometimes spicier than bitter.

Sweet when desired,

For some I’m tasteless like water.

I ain’t have a precise personality to show,

I’m a tree sometimes like a fan beneath your window,

I’m blushing, I’m miserable,

At times I’m unsettled.

But every time I’m a girl who isn’t a damsel in distress.

-Riya Shah

By Ray


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