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Mates don’t suffocate

I never wanted you to go on your knees for her,

She ain’t worthy of your affection.

Creeping like a bird in the morning,

Squeaks wonderful but will also damage your ears.

I tried to never let you off the road,

The path which leads her window.

But you went towards it even after the hurdles,

In the edges of her wooden roof,

You knew she’ll bring down,

So why do you let her do nasty?

She isn’t the place you wished existed,

Where you can worship the one who loved you,

she isn’t the goddess who deserves to be prayed,

Love is about equivalence not lending privilege.

So let her leave as its beneficial for you,

Being her around,won’t let you breathe,

Cause she’s holding your wind to choke.

A woman who loves doesn’t suffocate,

She’ll clarify to you that you are her only mate.

-Riya Shah

By Ray


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