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Precious shale

I’m not the first person you loved,

You cherished many flowers before.

You held them firmly with your bruised hands,

You bestowed them your fingerprints too.

It’s fine to fall in love, it’s beautiful to admire,

a different human in a span of juncture.

I’ve fallen in love before you,

I have marks in my corpse of that too.

Like a mark created with swords,

That day a warrior was born.

I’ve loved and I’ve lost many,

I’ve been cheated for a penny.

But you are a godsend gift,

To a human lacking acceptance,

You made my life heaven just through your presence.

Unexpected devotion came when I least expected,

It rejuvenated me from the gravel again.

You were the only hope left in my hopeless,

When I try to think about the one I loved,

You are the only shale I would be searching for in the mud.

-Riya Shah

By Ray


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