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Scare you

I never meant to scare you.

I’m the winter snow you love,

But you loathe it too.

Despite the elegance embraced by few.

In the shade of peace,

I’m made up of ember coated white,

Like a blanket of clouds in the twilight sky.

Above the brown land which is the of your eyes,

I’m the brine sky in paradise.

The flames you think will burn your grace,

But I’m made with all the rainbow shades.

I couldn’t clench your esprit from you,

I’m ain’t the one, you should be apprehensive too.

You can’t still sit near me once in a while,

Just to recall all the reminiscences we hide.

From the world which breathed against you and me,

Don’t be uncertain I’ll leave you free.

From me and all the idiosyncrasies, you find strange,

I’ll not torment you, you aren’t near my range.

I’ll protect as I never meant to scare you.

-Riya Shah

By Ray


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