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Nobody cares

Nobody is thinking about you,

So go ramble around exposed.

Wear nothing, don’t self-loathe yourself too.

You feel they discern you and mumble,

But they are feeding their souls filled with anger.

No matter how much beauty you possess within,

They don’t believe that allure exists in the complexion, the thin.

They won’t talk about you for once,

There is life other than reviewing of others.

Caught up in their suffering,

Their attention is just for a juncture,

Particularly when you are having some trouble.

As they draw a muddy pot to put you in,

They are joyous in your anguish.

Let them be living their presence like this,

As once they are into you, their life they will vanish.

They behold you when you are slaughtered,

The alive happening mortal doesn’t matter.

So walk as nobody is appraising your step,

Even if you trip to let it be a part of your performance.

Nobody is thinking about you,

Saunter naked if you want to.

-Riya Shah

By Ray


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