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Unheard words

They say things that you were never ready to hear,

I knew you were unaware.

You wanted to recite all the things eradicating you mind,

But the facts that came from them,

Were inappropriately unconvincing to you.

Some unuttered tales making you blind,

It’s easy to survive in days than in the night.

When you are wrapped,

in the element of dusk and silence.

You who have learned only to enunciate,

Is the one being silent just to reciprocate.

All the opinions they made about you,

You feel they were outrageous.

But have you read somewhere too?

That silence is an answer unheard my few.

Words held back in your mind to answer back,

Trying to protect the relationship,

you held them scarcely.

Heeding everything they mumbled,

Do you know your tears are giving life to something unworthy?

Your word is the only boat saving you from dying.

If you wanna clench them with yourself, no worry,

If you will let them out you are brassy.

-Riya Shah

By Ray


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