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Don’t hold (affirmations)

Let those who don’t wanna stay “leave”. As you can’t stop the moon from going away after the night ends. You can only hope that it would be visible in the night again. Gleaming at you as he had always been there. Every person who wants to abandon you will never be able to realise your worth till the time you’ll hold them. The doors of your life should always be open for people to evacuate your body. As it isn’t a tavern to come for vacations, its a place to dwell after missing a party somewhere else. They might enjoy the party but they’ll still prefer to be at home.

You should be there home to live in. Painted with there favourite colours bestowed to you by them as well. As you aren’t a canvas to be painted with the colour all black. So they’ll select all the colours of the rainbow so you are beautifully coated in various glooms. I want you to understand that whoever wants to stay with you shall remain there. You don’t have to prison them.

Even when the rain comes in through the broken down ceiling. The one who wants to abide will be holding vessels to collect them for you. Even when there are too many leakages. They won’t go. Even when you lend them the magical keys to your closed fences. They’ll persist.

Let’s affirmative something today-

1-So the one who goes, I’ll let them go. My gates of life are open for there evacuation. I won’t hold any grudges towards them as they have a life too. I’ll let them live without being troublesome.

2-Doors of my life are close for them to come after the 2nd time. Cause mistakes can be done once, not twice.

3-I won’t let anyone be a part of me when there are no equal efforts discerned. My life is mine to be possessed.

4-No tears would be worthy of my self-respect, I won’t waste them on anyone who’s always been horrible to me.

5- I’m grateful for everybody who’s staying, thinking me a home, not a resort.

-Riya Shah

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