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I’ve Cried

I’ve sometimes shed tears for love,

As they aren’t the sign of the deserted island,

But a place with all the populace.

I cried when he wasn’t there,

To hold me in my dismay,

When all the people did was play.

With my emotions and sentiments,

In all the untrustworthy moments.

When I was denied being the truthful,

I sobbed when my family stabbed my trust too.

As once I called them my backbone,

Left me when I wanted to stay in the home.

When I thought I am not prepared to battle,

Handling sword-like a rebel.

In the darkest of nights fighting with wolves and knights,

Desolated by the world from years and years,

I was left unoccupied and painted white.

I cried when I won my existence,

From nonentity but the one who wanted me to die,

And when I found he was around.

Watching me conquer my fears,

bearing the pain of my wounds.

Riya Shah

By Ray


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