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Lurking inside

Let’s express today how you don’t wanna be at a place you went before. Why you are a girl who’s so unsure about where to make her dwelling. Why do you feel to stay in every place all at once? Why do you call yourself a wanderlust?

In the air, you feel plenty. As inside you, there is a whole universe. Filled with marbles and stones like the heart of everyone you know. A sky filled with birds flying freely like witches does in their broom. Knowing all the enchantment fearless of what’s gonna happen. As the mud within you is stardust so glittery that it makes you look highlighted. As you composed some music which is so mesmerising to listen that the trees within the grove start romping.

I feel you should stay within yourself too. In the love of admiring around. You’ll find those aspects inside more wonderful. Than to meander around would look bizarre to you. As the sky would be of your colour pink not blue. The land would greet you when you visit. As it’s your holding in it. There is a full universe to explore inside and you are ambling like an empty human.

You have explored enough someplace else, now lurk in yourself.

-Riya Shah

By Ray


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