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Unpredictable love

I demanded blue eyes, pink lips,

So what am I doing with a black-eyed human being?

His words aren’t intriguing,

Am I in love with his musings?

As I desire isn’t what he looks like,

Am I tricked by the almighty again?

I wanted someone who could talk to me,

In the twilights holding my hands,

talking about the moonlight,

But his silence is never-ending like the night.

I wanted someone who would appreciate my art,

But he told me I could barely make any.

Even in the nights, he doesn’t stare me,

Moon, he wanted to admire all the times.

Why am I yearning to be the moon?

He isn’t the guy I foresaw.

Even then I’m falling over his black eyes,

As the star wanting the sky blue,

Realizing it can gleam only in darkness.

He does keep me before him,

Listen to me with utmost silence.

A pure-hearted soul showed me,

I was worthy of someone who can heed,

As everybody could babble about them,

Nobody will hearken!

I realized this is my comfortable place,

Where I could be me,

Containing somebody to withstand.

-Riya Shah

By Ray


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