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Being opinionated

I like people who have opinions. Somebody who could stand for something and believe in it. No matter the thing is right or wrong it’s just about sticking for the things you have faith in. Opinionated people don’t let others faith and belief overpower theirs.

They have a mindset which is undefeatable. A woman once debated with me over an utmost unimportant topic I’d ever heed. I saw her eyes while she was speaking. So sparling confidence that I felt numb. I knew that was very crucial for her, not the topic she was debating about but her principles and perspective. Her body posture was like an undefeated queen. So much certain about herself that she didn’t even blink while confiding me.

I want everybody to be like her. A woman who didn’t care about what she was saying, but uttering it with total belief that it once took me at a place where I no longer was thinking she was wrong once. That day I understood that it’s okay if you are wrong about certain things. If you try to make others understand that its right without stammering once than you are right. Cause people who are wonderful with there statements are precious.

I’ve seen humans who changes their beliefs their principles just to convince other people. Shows how weak that person is. If you are a king you won’t always be a king, what makes you king isn’t your throne it’s your belief and when you throw your belief into the trash it becomes clutter.

A person isn’t just made up of flesh and a soul, but of opinion, belief and principles too. Let them define you and never change them because of somebody else convenience.

Riya Shah

By Ray


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