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I miss you

When I touched your scars, I felt pain,

All your sufferings that went in vain.

Cause sad birds creep often,

They don’t leave things undone.

The way you were degrading yourself,

In front of enemies who wanted you to endure the pain.

Is being a nightmare for yourself coated in demons blood,

Why are you let your body,

Left, hanging in the forest woods?

I shivered when I saw you there,

I wish I could take you back.

In the midnight, when everybody is napping in there bed,

I’ll draw you with my favourite paint,

Giving you all those curves you had hated,

I want you to see what I saw,

so you will stop, without bothering yourself.

As I miss you when it’s Sunday dawn,

I miss seeing you holding a cup of coffee,

Telling me the anecdotes yore.

-Riya Shah

By Ray


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