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I was naked

When you saw me in my worries,

I was naked, without any covered wounds,

Expressing my sorrows in my heart.

Revealing my blotches and my scars.

I was an empty vessel,

without anything restored in it.

You touched me, I knew you wanted to feel my sufferings too,

I wasn’t a flesh in your bed, put like a leftover,

I was the meat of sentiments, and you wondered,

Was this what mates are made of.

I could read your mind and your thoughts,

Summarizing every love story that you had.

It was not loving but a fictional tale.

You gazed at my eyes and not my corpse,

I could see the hunger that you had.

I wanted it to get you to feed it soon,

As it wasn’t summer but monsoon.

You weren’t eager to get my clothes off,

I knew you were hungry for the love in me,

So I let you touch my feelings and beliefs.

When you saw me naked you loved me even more.

-Riya Shah

By Ray


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