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Me casting a spell is natural,

You knowing how to suffer is not.

You can’t love me as I’m into witchcraft.

I’m made up of stardust and the mud in the forest,

A deadly combination of land and the sky,

I am not a lethal soul,

I’m the sun and moon as a whole.

With the Golden shine, I turn the essence.

I am utterly truthful to the one having my heart,

As the goddess in me is wilder than you can think,

I am the validity of living.

A helper to the needy, a kind soul,

I ain’t let going greedy, even stuck in the threshold.

The magic still had a life, in my songs and my mind,

I can be disastrous but still, I let the other shine,

But my magic can’t be restrained.

-Riya Shah

By Ray


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