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It’s a forever thing

It’s still the love people find in the beginning.

Clasping hands and shy away.

In the winter putting on a jacket to the cold,

Making tea in the dawn,

I feel our love still exists,

when everything is long gone.

The way his voice sound is still music,

To my ears a humming sound of the birds,

Creeping on Sunday morning,

I know devotion still exists within,

for the sun so bright in the sky.

Looking at your eyes filled with affection and pride.

Having interpretation that you,

being my entity will always have a part of me.

I feel that’s okay as I’ve always dealt with feelings.

Counting on your tears I took my fondness again,

I can’t see my moon weeping for his scars,

Wanting to fall in the land where he is cherished.

I want to rise in the sky as this isn’t a small juncture,

It’s a commitment to live,

And responsibility for validity.

-Riya Shah

By Ray


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