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Let them speak

When I was little I use to yell at everybody so that they would listen to whatever I wanted to speak. I was like thunder in the winter breeze. My words were so crucial for me, that I wanted everybody to hear my viewpoints. Later I understood that not everybody could comprehend what’s inside me. That’s too much of sentimental approach about everything in which there exists no practicality.

At 14 I never thought I’d be dealing with opinionated problems trust me. But then-teenage taught me to speak up for myself. Even when I was not in a state of mind where I could realize that sometimes people opinions may vary from me. I used to confide everything, later nothing stayed inside. Every word I uttered had a great impact on others, not positively but in a way that their impression about me changed. I became a girl filled with behaviour issues.

When I was 16, one day I was going to a grocery store near my home. I saw two people fighting for a vehicle which was destroyed by a bus. The bus driver was struggling to explain to the car driver that it wasn’t his fault as the car was wrongly parked. I saw a man sitting in a broken scooter, I ran towards him and asked him was this a fault of that bus driver too? He said no child the man squabbling for his car, broke my scooter because he was too fast and didn’t saw my scooter. He told me that it was parked on the wrong side later.

I said, “ROFL, karma did his work”. So are you enjoying the fight?- I questioned. No, I’m a teacher I have already finalized our dispute. I just wanted them to understand that sometimes feeling sorry and listening to the person who’s emotions or anything materialistic is destroyed by you, even when it wasn’t your fault is fine. Be the bigger person and don’t fight. This doesn’t mean forget what the other person did to you. Protest against it but in a polite way. You don’t have to battle for things every time. Your precious words should be kept within you. Sometimes you should listen to things the other person wants to say. Which may not be right but it won’t cause you any harm.

When a person speaks they let their emotions and understandings out of them. It sometimes resolves the feud and that’s the beauty of life when you are giving importance to someone by letting them utter their mind they feel like an empty vessel. Without anger, without frustration. Do you know how it feels to be numb after destruction? It feels like a forest after a rainstorm. Silent and satisfactory.

He said by continuing his statement “Okay now let me go, I have things to do. God bless you, my child”. And he left. After some time I saw the bus driver heeding the car owner and after a moment the car owner was so much stuck in his viewpoints that he asserted “this fight is of no use, let’s settle ”. The bus driver consulted about the damage cost and told him that he’ll pay 50% of the damage. They both agreed and had a conclusion afterwards.

That day I understood it’s better to let others speak sometimes. As the teacher said “When a vessel is filled with water how can you expect that vessel to take you water too? You can’t. So let the water get out of the vessel and then put the water you have. The water will then remain there and will be used wisely. Complicated but sensibility.

-Riya Shah

By Ray


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